Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mini Album using the Summer Blush Kit

Hi everyone, it's Patti here and I'd like to share my latest Crafty City Design Team project using the Summer Blush Kit. This kit comes with everything you'd need to create either my mini or another summer project you have in mind.  I opted to switch out the Pion solids that were included in the kit for solids from my crafty stash. I also pulled old old old embellishments I had tucked away.  Don't be afraid to raid your crafty coffers when using a kit.

There will be a tutorial series coming later to share how to construct the  mini and ideas for how I fussy cut and stretched the 8 designer papers from the Blue Fern Blush collection into four expandable pages.  

My mini has four repetitive pages, in other words once you get the jist of the first constructed page you just simply duplicate and repeat, I have four pages but the skies the limit to how many you can add.  With this sort of mini you have ample room for the smallest Instagram and iPhone photos to extra large 7 1/2" square ones.  Trust me you can stuff a lot of memorabilia and photos into these four pages.

Included in the kit was a pre-cut chipboard frame from Scrapiniec.  These come plain brown chipboard color which leaves the maker the freedom to change the color to anything that fits.  You can see I choose an aqua/teal color here and throughout the book.  I love the pop of color it gives.  I've adorned the edge of the frame with flowers from the kit as well as one of my homemade ones and others from my stash.  The metal butterflies, from my stash, were plain metal and again using Gesso, inks and paints I got them to match the color scheme of the collection perfectly.  The photo is just for you to visualize how this mini would look with your own photos, it's not included and is a Heritage photo of my Grandmother and my Aunt, aren't they gorgeous!

The pages all follow the same theme, the left hand side has a gorgeous fussy cut tuck in spot for a huge mat (included) or many photos of your own.  The right hand side is where the fun begins.  Each section is secured with these small tab pages that are tied together with colored seam binding. 

Here's a snippet of each of the four pages 

When the ties are unlaced they open to reveal all these wonderful photo spots.  On the left there is a tuck spot or pocket on the backside of the tab.  On the right side there is a spot for either photos or a large bookmark, (I'll show you that in another photo).  When the flaps are opened top and bottom in the middle you'll find three generous areas to place your photos.  All have fussy cut tuck spots to hold the photos or treasures securely in place.  Nothing is worse than picking up a mini and having all your photos fall out.

You know that spot on the right on the above picture, that has the two photo spots, well this is the front of that, it's an extra little place to house a tuck in, photo or journaling.

Here's a look at two other pages, same design, but different configurations.  Fun stuff!  This little flip out gives lots of interaction and the ability to add several more photos or journaling.

You'll find lots of little extras, like a letter on top of a letter.  The paper has a pre-printed letter on it, so I cut around the bow and made my own envelope to slide into it.  It's a place to tuck that secret little message you don't want everyone to see.  Don't you just love that flower pull on the tag?  Wow that's one of the Lemoncraft flowers that are included in the kit.

There were two of these flower sprays in the kit and you'll see I used both as tuck in holders.  This one has a glassine envelope with some lovely surprises inside.  On the top is one of the many butterflies you can fussy cut from the butterfly sheet which is included.

Each page has a large 7"x8" section that I had so much fun designing.  I took the designer elements from the collection that appealed to me the most and fussy cut pockets for each of these pages.  It may be a bottom full fledge pocket or a top tuck in one, either way they will hold all your photos securely.  These tiny little envelopes are a mini stamp and die set included in the Summer Blush Kit.  I added them to the fussy cut piece to extend the pocket and add more visual delights.  If you notice, tucked in the pocket, is a circle.  This pop out is from the frame on the front cover.  I told you I used everything!  

- Here are the other middle sections - 

I always love adding a waterfall, you can house so many photos in such a small area.  This time I copied an idea I saw a fellow crafter (thank you Diana for inspiring) use by cutting the focal point and just stripping the bottom of each of the flips below the first.  The paper looks like it's just continues on and on and you don't loose any of the design this way.  I love the look and when you are short on paper it's a wonderful way to conserve. Here's where I used that other spray as well, and the tuck in there is the packaging from the Lemoncraft Buttons in the kit.

So my friends here's a little look-see into my mini.  I hope you'll pop on over to YouTube and see the full mini front to back and all the little hidden, surprise gems I didn't have space for here.  This mini will be offered for sale so check out the description below the video on YouTube for the particulars.  

Have a great crafty day and be sure and check out the Crafty City store!

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